"You have to remember, Bruce, this isn't your fight- it's ours."  -Alfred to Batman

Alfred Pennyworth
General Information
Real name: Alfred Pennyworth
Aliases: Butler

Legal Guardian

Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Bruce Wayne
Characteristics: Gender - Male

Hair - Grey

Portrayed by: Jeremy Irons
Appearances: The Caped Crusader

After Bruce Wayne's parents died, Alfred Pennyworth looked after the Wayne Manor when Bruce went off to train in North Korea. During that time, he had discovered the Batcave after going into the underground tunnel for sewage cleaning duty. There, he figured Wayne Manor could use it to its advantage, so he cleaned it up and kept it empty until Bruce had returned home.

When  Bruce had returned home, he informed Bruce of the cave. With Bruce's decision of becoming the Batman, he decided to use it as a place to help keep utilities and Gotham Police Department monitors for fighting crime.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "You need rest, sir, you look awful."
  • "I will not stand here and watch you get yourself killed!"
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