Batman is brave,Batman is bold,but what does villains got this time?

Season 1

Batman's Team: Part 1-Batman,Green Arrow,Red Tornado,Blue Beetle,and Flash fight Gorrila Grodd and his Gorilla Minions.

Batman's Team: Part 2-Batman and his four sidekicks fight Gorilla Grodd and his Gorilla Robots.

Joker's Alliance-Batman and Plastic Man fight Joker,Weather Wizard,Captain Cold,Heat Wave,and Blue Robbers.

Mirror Mirror-Batman and Aquaman fight Mirror Master and his Criminal Minions.

The Ritual of Kobra-Batman must save Blue Beetle from Kobra Leader,Kobra Assistant,and Kobra Minions.

Captain Boomerang is Alive-Batman,Geezer Flash,and Kid Flash encountered Captain Boomerang,Ghost Minions,Zombie Minions,and Skeleton Minions.

The Couple-Batman,Batwoman,Robin,and Batgirl fight Poison Ivy and her Plant Minions.

Seperated, Not Connected-Batman,Aquaman,Flash,Plastic Man,Blue Beetle,Green Arrow,and Red Tornado were seperated with each other and not connected with each other then each of them fought Gorilla Minions and Gorilla Robots.Later,each of them discovered Gorilla Grodd's hideout and teamed-up with each other to defeat him.

Save Your Breath-Batman and Blue Beetle fights Owlman,Blue Bowman,Silver Cyclone,and Red Robbers in outer space.

Destruction of Atlantis-Batman and Aquaman stops Trident Man and Atlantis Destroyers in their plan to destroy Atlantis,Aquaman's homeworld.

Evil Eye-Batman fights Hypnotized People and Evil Eye with the help of Speedy.

Holy Pizzas,Batman!-Pizza Monsters and Pizza Man attacked Gotham City.

Gorilla Grodd Rising-Batman and Metamorpho fought Gorilla Minions,Gorilla Robots,and Gorilla Grodd.

Old Enemies-Batman,Black Lightning,Geo-Force,Halo,and Looker fought Riddler,Riddler's Minions,Penguin,and Penguin's Minions.

Kanjar Ro's Return-Kanjar Ro and his Alien Minions attacked Gotham City so Batman and The Atom stops them.

The Ultimate Plan-Gorilla Grodd,Gorilla Minions,and Gorilla Robots plan to destroy Gotham City so Batman,Hawk,and Dove stop him.

Season 2

Plan A-Black Manta,Calendar Man,Killer Moth,Equinox,and Gentleman Ghost planned to attack Gotham City,Arkham Asylum,Atlantis,New York,and Germany.

The Terrible Trio-Batman and Fire teamed up to defeat Fearsome Fox,Deadly Vulture,Killer Shark,and Yellow Robbers.

Catman and Catwoman-Batman and Batgirl fights Catman,Catwoman,Green Robbers,and Cat Minions.

Mr. Freeze's Revenge-Batman and Green Arrow fights The Freezemen,Mr. Freeze,Riddler's Minions,Riddler,Penguin's Minions,Penguin,Joker's Minions,and Joker.

Elongated Man Returns-Batman and Elongated Man fights Captain Boomerang,the Boomerang Men,Mirror Master,and his Criminal Minions.

Batman and the Teen Titans-Batman teams up with the Teen Titans to fight Louie the Lilac and his Lilac Minions.

The Equinox is Back-Batman and Red Tornado fights The Equinox and his Equinox Minions.

Christmas Eve-Batman and Blue Beetle stops Fun Haus and his Toy Minions in ruining Christmas again.

Attack of the Gentleman Ghost-Gentleman Ghost,Ghost Minions,Zombie Minions,Skeleton Minions,and Orange Robbers attack Batman and Kid Flash.

Sir Batman-Batman and Katana saw a portal to Medieval Times at a laboratory and they were pushed by the Violet Robbers inside it.There,they fought Etrigan and Evil Knights with the help of Portal Man,who brings them back to present time.Back at the laboratory,they faced Professor Zoom and Violet Robbers.

Who's the Mastermind?-Batman and Hawkgirl fought Blue Robbers,Red Robbers,Yellow Robbers,Green Robbers,Orange Robbers,Violet Robbers,White Robbers,Brown Robbers,Black Robbers,and The Mastermind.

New Attack-Batman and Hawkgirl teamed up again to fight Heat Wave,Black Robbers,Captain Cold,Brown Robbers,Weather Wizard,and White Robbers.Then,they shared a kiss.

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