Batman:Worlds Collide is a movie which will be released in July 2014. In it Batman comes back to Gotham to face a new adversary Split Personality Man.

Jason Statham as Bruce Wayne the leader of Wayne enterprises he and his butler are held hostage by Split Personality Man near the end of the film but manage to escape.

Evan Jonigkeit- as Split Personality Man a psychopathic murderer and one of Arnold Wesker's hired thugs he is to blame for Robin's murder.

Bryan Cranston as Arnold Wesker -a man who suffers from Disassociative Identity Disorder in contrast to his comic counterpart he is a ruthless criminal who takes sociopathic glee in killing people and does not have the puppet scarface.

Tom Welling as Billy -He is Arnold Wesker's hired thug who is first seen alongside Wesker at the meeting of criminals.

Robert DeNiro as Carmine Falcone-The leader of the Falcone crime family who aligns with Wesker. He is eventually arrested by James Gordon

Dennis Haysbert as Commissioner James Gordon-The GCPD chief of police who likes Batman from the start. This is the first movie to play James Gordon as black.

Bow Wow as James Gordon Jr.-A sociopath who joins Wesker's orginization he is the son of James Gordon.

Keke Palmer as Barbera Gordon-The younger sister of James Gordon Jr and daughter of James Gordon. She is Batman's ally.

Peter Dinklage as Bugsy-One of Arnold Wesker's hired goons he is a dwarf who manages to get around his size by walking around on stilts.

Laz Alonso as Charles Rhino Daily-A fanatically loyal thug of Arnold Wesker. He is shot by Batman in self-defense killing him.

Olga Kurylenko as Moose-contrary to the comics she has no relation to Rhino. She is a muscle bound Russian of around 6 ft 1 inch tall and weighs 214 Lbs.

Jack Black as Marius-A former member of the Lonely Boys who shoots and kills his boss in order to work for Arnold Wesker

Kiefer Sutherland as Mad Elvis-A former member of the lonely boys who joins Wesker's crew.

Mads Mikkelsen as Gunther Von Saurna-The leader of the Lonely Boys drug trafficking orginization who is betrayed by his 2nd in command Marius thus disbanding it.

Rick Yune as Bo-A former member of the lonely boys who joins Wesker's crew upon Gunther's death

Hugh Jackman as Knife-A former member of the Lonely Boys who decides to join Wesker's gang.

Clive Owen as Julius-One of Wesker's thugs who used to belong to the lonely boys.

Terry Crews as Beetsy-One of Wesker's thugs who used to be a member of the Lonely Boys.

Amaury Nolasco as Juan Carlos-A former thug who goes straight and helps Batman

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