This is the first issue of the Batman: Everlasting War comic series.


"Crisis Part 1"Edit

A  new take on the Batman! Finally recovering from a battle with Killer Croc, Batman discovers a mid-crisis Gotham City with it's enemies at their most dangerous state! He's going to need more than his mortality and wits to handle the chaos!



Batman, voiceover: Back in the early ages, the people who ran Gotham City, or what it used to be, set boundary lines for where the tormentors, criminals, and corrupt townspeople were allowed to go. With that rule, Gotham was at peace.

[We see a Mountain skyline, break of dawn.]

Batman, VO: And then the city became broke and needed things that the corrupt had. So, the boundary line was broken and the city took what they needed. Unfortunately, so did the criminals.

[The next scene is of the town on fire, chaos breaking into the streets.]

Batman, VO: If you look hard enough, you can see big enough cracks in the ground from the heavy material Gotham used for the boundary line. Some people see this as a sign that Gotham can still be saved, including me. That above all the problems that the city may face, lays a sign of hope.

[On the next page is a large image of the Gotham map.]

Batman, VO: But then again, that’s my opinion. Some of the people that believe Gotham belongs with the sociopaths say they can’t see the line. Some people don’t want to see the line. They don’t want to remember the bad history of Gotham. But some say history repeats itself- and right now, I’m pretty sure it is.

[A page with no text is presented to us, showing Gotham’s criminals running through the streets.]


"Crisis Part 1"Edit


  • Batman
  • Selena Kyle
  • Killer Croc


  • Gotham City
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