Rules, as well as many other wikis, are mandatory to follow in order to keep a good, safe, and reliable wiki.

These are the rules.


Spamming is a common nuiscance to most wikis. This rule is quite simple. Do not edit/mess with any pages that don't say to, and you will not get punished.


Mild language will be allowed. But please, stay away from using offensive words to others. You will not be banned for saying them once or twice, but if said more than twice at a single time may lead to punishments.

Picture Theft

Do not attempt to steal other people's art. Official artwork such as from DC Comics, or other related media is allowed, but not fan art that you do not own from sites such as DeviantArt. If the owner of the art gives you permission however, that is different. But if someone attempts to use fan art without permission, it will lead to a warning then block for atleast 2 weeks.

Sexual Content

Sexual content is not allowed here, and won't ever be. We do not allow any sexual pictures that involve restricted and/or mature content. Any user who disobeys this rule will automatically be blocked without any further warning. We do allow kissing, and clothe types to a limit. But clothes on characters that reveal anything inappopriate will be taken off immediately.

User Socks

Whether you're hiding from a block by moving into another account or pretending to be someone else, we will find out. Socks are not allowed on this wiki. Do not try to make a sock.

Other Content

Please do not upload fan pages on any other topic than Batman Fan Fiction. Pages for baseball teams, candy, animals...etc, will be considered as spam unless legitament reason and will be taken down.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.