"And the legacy continues. In fact, it never stopped"

―John Blake  

"Blake" is a 2014 superhero live TV series based on the fictional DC Comics character, Batman. It is a spin-off to the end of The Dark Knight Rises and overall the Dark Knight trilogy. The TV series is confirmed to be directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman, Gary Oldman as James Gordon and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox.

Blake was given good reviews from the first-release screening a year before the public release. It was confirmed that the show will have up to two seasons if the reviews continue.


Taking place after the events of the Dark Knight Trilogy, John Blake takes up the mantle of the Batman continuing the long-awaited legacy that Christopher Nolan built back in 2005 with the blockbuster film, Batman Begins. Of course, with a new Batman comes new enemies as well. Released from the Asylum, new enemies who have also taken mantles of enemies from before arise to serve as a threat to a new, cleaner Gotham City such as Harley Quinn and Deathstroke. 


  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman
  • Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne
  • Selina Kyle as Anne Hathaway
  • Unconfirmed as Harley Quinn
  • Unconfirmed as Deathstroke
  • Gary Oldman as James  Gordon
  • Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
  • Hans Zimmerman
  • Christopher Nolan


The producton began a week before it was announced in Los Angelos, California and no new set pictures have been released. Despite all that has not started yet, confirmed information involves a started script, costumes being designed and a started soundtrack. Producers say we might get a look at the theme of the new series on the CW Network during the next upcoming comic-con.


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