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The DC Cinematic Universe(DCCU) is a shared film universe based on superheroes published by DC Comics. The DCCU was started by Man of Steel and Batman: Earth One. It is expected to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Man of Steel - 2013

Batman: Earth One - 2014

The Flash - 2014

Green Lantern - 2015

Batman vs. Superman - 2015

Green Arrow - 2015

Justice League - 2016

Untitled The Flash sequel - 2016

Untitled Green Lantern sequel - 2017

Batman: Darkness - 2017

Untitled Man of Steel sequel - 2017

Untitled World's Finest sequel - 2018

Justice League: World's Collide - 2019


Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash

Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow


DC Comics has announced a Justice League film will be released in July 2016. A Batman: Earth One sequel will be released in July 2017. A Man of Steel sequel will be released in December 2017. Other films will be announced. A Flash film was released October 31, 2014, while a Green Lantern reboot was released April 10, 2015. A World's Finest sequel will be released in July 2018, while a Justice League sequel will be released in July 2019. A Flash sequel will be released in October 2016 and a Green Lantern sequel will be released May 2017. A Green Arrow film will be released in November 2015


Man of Steel was given a rating of 78%, while Batman: Earth One was given a rating of 85%. The Flash received a rating of 72% and Green Lantern has a rating of 81%.

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