Set in the Flash TV Series universe, the Batman comes to Central City for the first time and must ally with Flash and his team in order to stop the alliance of Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze.


Central City, in an abandoned ice cream factory called "Mr. Freezy". There is Leonard Snart and he seems to be speaking to someone other than his colleague Mick Rory or his sister Lisa Snart.

Snart: I have to thank you for making the long trek over from your burg, my friend.

Voice: We are not friends, Snart, I have only allied myself with you because of a mutual benefit.

Snart: True. True. I want you to augment the already awesome power of my cold gun and you want to break into STAR Labs, yes?

Voice: Yes. The facility will have the equipment I need to finally find a cure for my wife.

Snart: Which you shall, Victor. Trust me.

Victor: Do not address me by that name, Snart. On the day of the accident Victor Fries died that day. Like you, I too chose a new nom de guerre.

Snart: And exactly what would that be?

Victor: Call me MR. FREEZE!

Victor Fries, a criminal from Gotham City here in Central City working with Leonard Snart AKA Captain Cold. It truly is a cold day in hell if two cold hearted men must join forces with one another. Now in Gotham City, there is a man running in a dark alley way being chased by someone or some thing.

Man: Get away from me, please! I haven't done nothin'!

Voice: We both know that is not true. You're Henry Whitaker and I know you've been working with Victor Fries. Where is he?! Where has Fries gone to?!

Henry: Go to hell, you son of a bitch! I ain't telling you jack!

Henry turns to face the back end of the alley and before him is a man clad in black bat armor. He is the Batman!

Batman: Oh, you will, Henry. Talk! Now! Where's Fries?!

Henry pulls out a switchblade to defend himself. He lunges at Batman, but Batman quickly dodges the blade. Then he grabs Henry's hand holding the weapon and he breaks Henry's arm, so then he drops it.

Henry: OW! You psycho! You broke my arm!

He falls to the ground in pain and tries to comfort himself.

Batman: I'll do more than that, Whitaker! Where is Fries!?

Henry: Okay! Okay! He's in Central City. I helped smuggle him out myself.

Batman: Central City? Why would he go there? Speak.

Henry: I don't know and I swear! He didn't tell me nothin'! He was afraid that you'd find out!

Batman: That was clever of Victor and I believe you.

Henry: So I'm good, right?

Batman grabs Henry by his collar, then brings him to eye level.

Batman: No. You're anything but good, Henry.

Batman then head butts Henry with his reinforced armored cowl, which knocks him out effortlessly. Then he makes a phone call.

Batman: Alfred.

Alfred: Yes, sir?

Batman: Contact the GCPD and tell them that I have Henry Whitaker. He's in an alley on the corner of Conroy and Bale.

Alfred: At once, sir.

Batman: Make sure he's gotten to a hospital. He has a broken forearm and a concussion.

Alfred: Your handy work, I assume, Master Bruce?

Batman: Yes, Alfred. He told me that Victor Fries is in Central City.

Alfred: Central City, sir? Is that not the haven of what do the press call him over there?

Batman: The "Flash", Alfred.

Alfred: Ah, yes. It seems that there is a growing number of costumed heroes, Master Bruce.

Batman: I'm no hero, Alfred. Just get Bruce Wayne a trip to Central City, stat.

Alfred: Immediately, sir. Shall I prepare an alibi, sir?

Batman: No, Alfred. I already have one in mind.

Central City PD, where forensics scientist Barry Allen and Detective Joe West converse.

Barry: Can you believe it, Joe?

Joe: What, Barry?

Barry: That Bruce Wayne is coming to Central City? Why would a guy like him be interested in coming here?

Joe: I don't know, but with Wayne's rep, it can't be that innocent.

Barry: But, Joe, Wayne Enterprises has done so much for Gotham City and even Central City. The applied sciences division supplied resources to build the particle accelerator.

Joe: And it gave us a bunch of psychos with super powers.

Barry: I'm not a psycho, Joe. Unless I don't get my coffee in the morning.

Joe: Or how you react around my daughter.

Barry: Well, there is that. Still wonder why he's coming.

Joe: Well, let's go see. He's arriving today at Central City Air and the GCPD told us to keep an eye on him.

Barry: We get to look after Bruce Wayne? Yes! I actually have a few ideas to give him for new projects for his company.

Joe: Barry, it looks like you got a man crush on Wayne.

Barry: Don't be ridiculous, Joe, you're the only man for me.

They both share a chuckle and intend to go meet Wayne at the airport. Back at Mr. Freezy.

Snart: How's my new cold gun coming, Victor?

Freeze: Nicely, Snart, nicely. This facility is crude, but its subzero temperatures allow me to operate outside of my suit. Sadly for you, you must wear that parka in here.

Snart: A small price to pay, Victor. What are the specs of my new weapon?

Freeze: The physical design has gone unchanged, Snart. It's compact design is very advanced to be sure. A work of undeniable genius. However the range was limited, so I augmented the gun to fire an extra ten meters and I upgraded the device to have less recharging time. Your weapon is now perfect.

Snart: Maybe, Victor, but how shall it hold up against the Flash?

Freeze: Very well, Snart, but who is this Flash? His heroic escapades have reached Gotham City.

Snart: Just a self proclaimed guardian of Central City, Victor. His recent exploits is what caused me to seek out new ways of upping my game.

Freeze: He sounds like that meddling Batman in Gotham.

Snart: Batman, Victor? Isn't he just an urban legend?

Freeze: He attempts to pass himself off that way in hopes of bestowing fear in the criminal element, Snart. But he is very real and very dangerous. I had to mask my coming here very carefully. I can only hope my little information I was forced to give is not enough to make Batman come here to Central City.

Snart: Fret not, Victor. For if your friend does come here to Central City, then we will have him.

Central City Air, where a huge gathering of press and police officers come to see Bruce Wayne himself. In fact Joe's partner, Eddie Thawne has come to see the gathering.

Eddie: Bruce Wayne, huh? Guy that rich has gotta have not so legal connections.

Barry: Bruce Wayne is a respected philanthropist, Eddie.

Eddie: Yeah, but where's a guy like him get all that money?

Joe: He inherited it from his parents after they were murdered, Eddie.

Eddie: Okay, so where'd they get their money? It's a fact that his father Thomas Wayne had mob connections.

Barry: If you're talking about Carmine Falcone, there's only a connection because Dr. Wayne saved Falcone's son from dying after he was shot.

Eddie: Yeah. Yeah, the hypocritical oath of a doctor. I tell you though, Wayne can't be trusted.

Barry: Here he comes.

The hatch to the private jet that Bruce arrived in opens for the whole public to see Bruce Wayne in the flesh. He is a tall and lean young man with jet black hair, sapphire blue eyes, slightly tan skinned, with a square jaw and broad shoulders. He is very handsome looking to the opposite sex to be sure.

Eddie: Holy crap. I was expecting Wayne to be an older guy with hardly a hair on his head. He's actually rather handsome, I gotta admit.

Joe: Don't you start, Eddie. Barry had his eyes on Wayne first. Have to admit though, what is a sharp guy like him running a multi million dollar company? He looks no older than Barry.

Barry: He actually just turned twenty-nine, Joe. His birthday was last February.

Joe: Bit obsessive are you, Barry?

Barry: Well, sure. His company is one of the richest and most profitable in the world. Forbes Magazine named him one of the top five richest men in the world. Only competing with Bill Gates, Carlos Slim and even Lex Luthor in Metropolis and Oliver Queen in Starling City.

Eddie: You mean Queen use to be one of the richest. Now that brainiac Ray Palmer runs his company.

Bruce walks down the stairwell put up against the hatch to his private jet. He then walks up to a podium and speaks into the microphones.

Bruce: Good afternoon, Central City! As you surmised, my name is Bruce Wayne and I have come to Central City to make your wonderful town a business offer. Exactly one year ago, a tragedy erupted over your fair metropolis. I am talking of course of the particle accelerator explosion that claimed the lives of several people. I know its creator Doctor Harrison Wells has taken fault for such a terrible mishap. However my people at Wayne Enterprises and myself included still believe that STAR Labs has a lot to offer.

Eddie: Loves to hear himself talk, doesn't he?

Barry: Shhh!

Bruce: That is why I am going to buy STAR Labs and merge it with my applied sciences division at Wayne Enterprises and help rebuild its tarnished reputation!

Soon the media begin to hound Wayne for questions, but Barry and Joe have very concerned looks on their faces.

Eddie: Joe, Barry, what's wrong?

Joe: Nothing, Eddie. Listen you take it from here for a while. Barry and I have somewhere else we need to be right now. Take Wayne to his hotel.

Eddie: Everything okay?

Joe: Don't know yet, Eddie. Let's go, Barry.

Barry: Right.

Mr. Freezy yet again.

Snart: So, Victor, I believe it's time that I take my upgraded weapon for a test run.

Freeze: Doing what?

Snart: There's a collection of diamonds on loan at the Central City museum. Two people like us could always use more ice.

Freeze: Bah! Using your weapon for petty theft! An insult to the genius who designed the weapon.

Snart: Maybe your point of view, Victor, but not mine. I can do many great things with this weapon. Thefts are the first test of our awesome power, Victor. With two cold weapons I can tip the scale in my favor against the Flash.

Freeze: I want no part in your scheme, Snart.

Snart: A pity, Victor because if you don't help with my caper, I may be forced to go back on my word. It would be a shame if your precious flower of a wife Nora stayed in cold storage forever, would it not?

Freeze: Leave my wife out of this, Snart! Though if those are your terms, I shall abide by them. When shall we strike?

Snart: In exactly thirty-nine minutes and fifty-three seconds, Victor. There will be exactly four security guards stationed around the diamonds, plus of course the security system keeping the diamonds in and us out. Yet I doubt it'll be any match for us. Shall we, Victor?

Freeze: If we must then we must. Let's get on with it already.

Snart: Don't forget to put on your Sunday best, Victor. It will be a tad warm out there.

Freeze: Indeed.

STAR Labs now. Joe and Barry are here.

Barry: You heard?

Wells: Yes, Barry, we did watch the broadcast.

Cisco: Yeah, so what are we going to do, Doctor Wells? If that boy Wayne does buy STAR, then what will happen to the facility?

Caitlin: More importantly, what about our not so usual tenants?

Barry: Exactly. If Wayne finds we've been using the particle accelerator to house those metahuman criminals, then my identity as the Flash will be revealed and all of you will be made targets by all my enemies.

Wells: Don't distress, Mr. Allen, I am sure we can find a way to keep Mr. Wayne from buying STAR Labs.

Cisco: Don't know about that, Doctor Wells. Not only is they guy loaded, but he's got some connections. Maybe he'll use legal precedent to buy this place?

Joe: Exactly. That's the problem with dealing with the rich, Barry. They have very powerful friends and sometimes they don't play nice. Remember that.

Barry: You're right, Joe. We have to stop him or at least convince him to keep all this a secret if we can't.

Cisco: How are we going to do that, Barry? Oh, hi, Mr. Wayne, I'm Barry Allen and secretly I'm a super fast metahuman who fights crime. These guys here are all my rogues gallery locked up in a makeshift jail in the particle accelerator.

Barry: When you say it like that, it does sound farfetched.

Joe gets a call on his phone.

Joe: West. What? You sure it's him? I'm on my way. Call Eddie and tell him what's going on.

He hangs up.

Barry: What's wrong?

Joe: Our old friend Snart is back.

Barry: Rory and his sister too?

Joe: No. Eye witness reports say it's just him on his own.

Barry: Just one guy, then. This'll be easy.

Wells: Don't be too quick to judge, Barry. We all know how dangerous Snart can be.

Barry: I know, Doctor Wells and he's even more dangerous now that he knows who I am, but I still have to stop him.

Wells: Then by all means, Barry.

Barry: Where is he?

Joe: Central City Museum.

Barry: I'm on it.

Barry using his super speed, quickly grabs his costume, then changes into it, then heads to the museum. Wayne on the other hand has finally made it to his hotel. There is some protest because many of Central City's patrons don't want Wayne to buy STAR Labs. Some people begin throwing things at him.

Eddie: Arrest them, now. Get Wayne inside.

Bruce: Please, Officer Thawne, the people are only sharing their opinion. Let them go.

Eddie nods his head to do so.

Eddie: Some kind of saint, Mr. Wayne?

Bruce: Far from it, Officer Thawne. The people are only displaying their First Amendment rights. I cannot be angry at them for showing their distaste.

Eddie: Pretty laid back guy, Wayne.

Bruce: I try to break the stereotype that all billionaires are rich stiffs.

Soon, Eddie gets a call.

Eddie: Thawne. Snart? Does Joe know? Okay. Okay. I'm there.

Bruce: Problems, Officer?

Eddie: One of Central City's most wanted. I'm afraid I'll have to leave you, Mr. Wayne.

Bruce: Relax, Officer Thawne. I can find my room here.

Eddie: Okay. Let's go, boys.

As Eddie and his cops make way to the crime scene, Bruce heads to the elevator to his room.

Employee: Ah, Mr. Wayne, your luggage has been brought up per your instruction.

Bruce: Thank you.

Employee: And here is the suitcase you wanted to take in yourself.

He hands it to Bruce.

Bruce: Thank you.

Employee: Anything else, sir?

Bruce: No, only this.

Bruce puts a fifty dollar tip in the bell hop's pocket.

Employee: Thank you, sir.

So, then Bruce gets in the elevator, but as he goes up, he stops it briefly. Then he contacts Alfred.

Bruce: Alfred.

Alfred: Yes, Master Bruce.

Bruce: I'm in Central City. Has my other package arrived yet?

Alfred: Yes, sir. I sent out on express mail before you left. I have confirmation that it awaits you back at Central City Air.

Bruce: Thank you, Alfred. There's a crime in progress. Hack into the police bandwidth for me, please.

Alfred: At once, sir.

Alfred infiltrates the Central City communications effortlessly leaving no possible evidence.

Alfred: A robbery in progress, sir. Reports say it's one Leonard Snart.

Bruce: Snart? Then Officer Thawne named the perp.

Alfred: I suppose so, sir. What is your plan, now?

Bruce: Send the car for me, Alfred. It's time the Batman made his first appearance in Central City.

Alfred: Right away, sir.

At Central City Air there is a large crate in a hangar that belongs to Wayne Enterprises. The so called wooden crate opens its front by falling to the ground as if by remote control of some kind. Inside actually reveals metal casing, but that is not the exciting part. Inside is the Batman's ride itself, the Batmobile. At the hotel, Bruce presses down on a remote and the Batmobile goes to meet its master, Batman. Central City Museum now, where Leonard Snart is using his cold gun to freeze the surrounding area.

Snart: Only a matter of time.

Here comes the Flash.

Snart: Like clockwork. Hello, Flash or since we're so close now, I thought I'd call you Barry.

Flash: You can call me from your cell at Iron Heights when I put you away.

Snart: Clever, kid. Even facing certain defeat, you always have time for quips.

Flash: Come on, Snart, we've played this game before and I always end up on top. By the way, where's your sister and your partner in crime, Mick Rory?

Snart: My baby sister and Mick are taking some time off. Fine with me, because I got a new partner. One who's almost as cold as I am.

Flash: Who?

Freeze: He is referring to me, Flash!

Flash looks behind him to see Mr. Freeze fully dressed in his cryo containment suit.

Flash: Guys, you seeing this?

Well: Yes, Barry. We hacked into the museum security cameras.

Cisco: Get a load of this. Thermal imaging we're getting from the cameras. This guy's basically a walking corpse. He's giving off new heat signature what so ever and check out that suit.

Caitlin: According to these readings the suit is keeping the man inside at exactly zero degrees Fahrenheit. He should be dead.

Flash: Well, he's not. So who's your new friend, Snart?

Snart: Flash, Victor Fries. Victor Fries, Flash.

Wells: I know that name, Barry.

Flash: So do I. Victor Fries is an accomplished scientist in the field of cryogenics. I thought you were dead, Fries.

Freeze: I am dead, Flash and that is Mr. Freeze to you.

Cisco: What part of I come up with the names to these guys not understand?!

Flash: Cisco!

Cisco: Sorry.

Freeze: Who is he talking to, Snart?

Snart: You see, Victor, the Flash has partners. They help him out because he's too young and inexperienced to do this by himself.

Freeze: Then the Flash's friends will have one less partner to deal with. Then they too must be dealt with.

Snart: Agreed. Now freeze, Flash!

Both Snart and Mr. Freeze use their cold guns against the Flash, but using his superior speed, the Flash is able to out maneuver their ice streams.

Freeze: You were correct, Snart. The Flash does possess tremendous speed.

Snart: Indeed, Victor, but is he fast enough to protect all the civilians in here while there are two ice guns?

Freeze: As a scientist, Snart, I feel we must test that hypothesis.

Snart: A man after my own heart, Victor.

So then, Freeze and Snart blast their cold guns in different directions right at the museum goers. Flash has to put the petal to the metal if he wants to save all of them. As the two cold themed villains aim, Flash grabs them with his super human speed, then quickly puts them outside of the museum out of harms way. As they continue to do so, Flash is beginning to tire, which gives Snart the edge.

Snart: Got you!

Snart then aims his gun at precisely the right moment and the effect of the gun neutralizes Flash by entrapping his feet. Then the effect of the gun raises the ice up to Flash's neck.

Snart: Upgrades were a success, Victor.

Freeze: I told you they would be, Snart. Now grab your precious diamonds and let us retreat.

Snart: Come now, Victor, we have the Flash in our grip. What could possibly go wrong, now?

Voice: Stupid question, Snart. The problem with criminals of your kind is that they lower their guard by admiring their handiwork. That always leads to their downfall.

Snart: Who the hell was that?

Freeze: Impossible! He is here!

Snart: Who?

Freeze: Batman!

Soon a projectile is aimed at Snart's weapon, which accidentally also activates and traps Freeze in a prison of ice. Snart quickly looks around to see where that came from. Then he sees him. The Batman on the second floor of the museum on top of the stair railing. Flash and his team can see him too.

Flash: Oh, my God.

Cisco: Oh, my God!

The Batman uses his grapnel which aims from his gauntlet to propel himself into the air, then as he lets ago, Batman grabs his cape which look like giant bat wings. He uses his whole body to strike at Snart, which knocks him to the ground.

Batman: Chill out, Snart.

Batman quickly gets to Flash, then he pulls out something from his utility belt.

Flash: What is that? What are you doing?

Batman: Shut up and hold still.

It was a laser that he pulled out, then with its intense heat, the laser breaks the ice into hundreds of little pieces which frees the Flash. He falls to the floor for a brief moment.

Batman: You all right?

Flash: Yeah. Just give me a minute. I heal fast.

Batman: Good. Then get up. You take Snart. I'll take Freeze!

Snart: You won't take anyone. So you're the mysterious Batman, yes? There have been many rumored sightings and incidents involving you. I guess now you're no longer a myth after all, are you?

Freeze: Do not monologue, Snart! End him! The Batman is dangerous!

Batman: Victor, why are you working with Snart? You're better than him. Better than me. Please end this.

The STAR Labs team continue to watch.

Cisco: Why isn't he pummeling him, yet? Come one.

Wells: Quiet, Cisco. It seems that this Batman is first trying to reason with him.

Cisco: Can't reason with crazies.

The museum again.

Batman: Victor, please stop this. I can guess why you're here in Central City, but why align with Snart?

Freeze: I had no choice but to lower myself to his level, Batman. I will do anything to see my beloved Nora free of her icy tomb. You know that!

Batman: But I want to help, Victor! End this, now! Don't make me do something I will regret!

Freeze: You're the only one who cares, but even I cannot let you get in my way!

Freeze breaks free of his ice prison, then he uses his gun against Batman, but as he tries to dodge, he unfortunately gets caught in the ice blast.

Freeze: Let's go. Grab the diamonds and retreat now!

Snart: Fine, Victor.

Snart uses his gun as a mace to break the glass container that houses the diamonds. He grabs all of them, then places them in a little bag.

Snart: Ice to meet you, Batman.

Snart and Freeze exit the building, but before they do, Snart freezes the entry way with a wall of ice. Flash can finally stand and he is beginning to feel better.

Flash: No!

He races towards Batman.

Flash: Guys, Batman is frozen solid! I have to get him to STAR!

Wells: Get him here fast, Barry or it'll be too late.

Cisco: Wait. Doctor Wells, look.

Soon the icy prison that Batman is entrapped in begins to glow bright orange until like before, the ice shatters and Batman is free.

Flash: You're free?! Looks like you had thermal regulators in your suit. They must of activated as soon as your body's natural temperature dropped.

Batman: Exactly. You must be a scientist under that mask, Flash.

Flash: You know who I am?

Batman: I've followed your exploits here, Flash. You do efficient work for a rookie.

Flash: Thanks.

Batman: Now get out of my way. This distraction caused Snart and Freeze to escape.

Flash: You could have died.

Batman: So?

Flash: So, you need to get to a hospital. You may have hypothermia.

Batman: I've survived worse than a little cold. Now get out of my way.

As Batman tries to walk away, Flash grabs Batman by his shoulder.

Flash: Wait!

Angered, Batman takes Flash by his arm and tosses him straight into a wall.

Cisco: Ouch!

Now Flash is angry at Batman.

Batman: Stay down.

Flash: No way!

Flash uses his speed to attack Batman by using his two hands to strike Batman in his chest, which knocks him to the ground.

Batman: Big mistake, kid.

Batman knocks Flash down by using his legs to trip Flash down to the ground. Then Batman gets up to try and use his grapnel to get away, but Flash is faster and he catches Batman's cable, then runs around Batman several times trapping Batman in his own cable. Then Flash knocks him to the ground again.

Flash: I'm sorry I had to do that. You're no bad guy. You're just crazy and not too bright, are you?

Batman: I'm smarter than I look, Flash.

Batman uses the three sharp bladed fins on his gauntlets to slice his own cable to ribbons, then he leaps back on to his feet to face Flash again. Batman grabs a small sphere from his belt, then tosses it to the ground and it emits a smoke cloud. That disorients Flash enough for Batman to deliver a swift karate kick to Flash's face. Then Batman makes his way to the doorway enclosed by ice. He uses the same laser to shatter most of it, then he walks out. The Central City PD are there.

Joe: Central City PD! Freeze!

Eddie: Who the hell is that?

Joe: He's not Snart, that's for sure. Must be a new accomplice.

Batman: You're wrong about that, Detective West. Snart and his new accomplice got away.

Joe: Where?

Batman: How should I know? Your Scarlet Speedster in there kept me from capturing them.

Joe: Flash? What did you do to him?

Batman: Nothing.

Eddie: Yeah, right. Maybe you should come down to the station with us?

Batman: Not tonight.

Eddie: Oh, I insist.

Batman: Some other time.

Batman presses a button on his belt which begins to emit a very high frequency and suddenly the entire scene is covered with a swarm of bats. The chaos allows Batman to summon forth the Batmobile, then he leaps into it and drives off. Flash gets up and races out the front door to see the bats.

Flash: My God!

Flash spins his arms very fast which makes tornadoes to push the bats away from here. He sees that Batman is gone which does anger him. In the Batmobile.

Batman: Alfred, it's me.

Alfred: Really, sir? I expected the Royal Duke.

Batman: Very funny, Alfred.

Alfred: I thought so, sir.

Batman: I just had a run in with the Flash.

Alfred: How was it, sir?

Batman: Not good. Because of him, Snart and Fries got away from me.

Alfred: Unfortunate.

Batman: Yes. Alfred, tap into the Wayne Tech satellites and track Flash's speed patterns. I want to know where he frequents.

Alfred: Yes, sir, but why?

Batman: I want to know who the Flash is.

Alfred: Must you always peek into one's private life, sir?

Batman: Alfred!

Alfred: Lighten up, sir. All right, I am tapping into the Wayne satellites now. Oh this is curious.

Batman: What?

Alfred: There are three places that the Flash frequents.

Batman: Send them to me.

Alfred: At once, sir.

Mr. Freezy yet again.

Snart: The diamonds are ours, Victor. I must declare a victory and propose a toast. To our cold guns.

He drinks some champagne.

Freeze: I care not for simple gestures, Snart! The Batman is here in Central City! He must be dealt with!

Snart: I froze him solid, Victor or were you not there?

Freeze: Batman has many contingencies against me! No doubt he had a thermal regulator in his utility belt which freed him from his slumber.

Snart: If he is alive, Victor, then we shall deal with him.

Freeze: I know he is alive, Snart. He is the Batman, dammit! He has escaped death several times and has hindered my plans! Now that the test of your weapon is complete, it is time to fulfill your end of the bargain.

Snart: Why of course, Victor. A deal is a deal.

STAR Labs yet again. Barry is getting some slight medical attention and Detective West is there too. He is on an operating bed being treated for his injuries he got from Snart.

Joe: You okay, Barry?

Barry: Yeah, Joe. Snart and that guy Mr. Freeze really got the drop on me.

Cisco: "Mr. Freeze"? I could have come up with a better name than that.

Caitlin: Cisco, Barry doesn't need you to mope about super villain code names.

Wells: Exactly, Caitlin. Not only that, but there's still the problem of Mr. Wayne wanting to buy STAR Labs.

Barry: And that Batman creep.

Cisco: I know! That is so cool, I can't believe that Batman is real!

Joe: Cisco, lower your nerdness a little bit. Who is this Batman?

Cisco: According to the GCPD, Batman is a vigilante who's been operating there for at least five years. Longer than Barry and Oliver. Have to admit he's cooler too.

Barry just looks at Cisco.

Cisco: Cooler than Oliver, not you, Barry. I mean the way he used his cape as a glider to attack Captain Cold was really impressive.

Barry: But what are we going to do about him?

Batman: Yes, what are you going to do about me, Mr. Allen?

The Batman steps out of the shadows, so Joe takes out his piece, but Batman tosses a Batarang at Joe's gun which then pierces it to the wall. Joe then tries to strike at him, but Batman blocks Joe's attack, then grabs Joe's wrist with his other hand. Batman begins to crush his wrist, which makes Joe lower himself to the ground.

Barry: Joe! Let him go!

Batman: As you wish.

He does so, then Batman walks towards Barry and his team. Barry tries to get up.

Batman: Stop. I'm not here to pick fights. I came to talk.

Wells: Then exactly why do we have the pleasure of you coming here?

Cisco: And how did you figure out Barry is the Flash?

Batman: Simple, kid. I hacked into the Wayne Tech satellites and tracked Flash's speed. Then by triangulating the trajectory, I managed to find three places that the Flash regularly visits.

Barry: Where?

Batman: Central City PD, the residence of the detective here, and STAR Labs.

Cisco: That doesn't prove anything.

Batman: Actually it does. I dug deeper and found that there are only two people that regularly go to all three places: West and Allen. West is clearly not the Flash because he's too old, too tall, and he is not Caucasian. Therefor the only logical conclusion is Mr. Barry Allen. No doubt you attained your powers when you were struck by that lightning after the particle accelerator exploded. Then of course there's the motive: your mother was murdered when you were only a kid. So you decided to devote yourself to being a forensics investigator, but after you got your powers, you clearly wanted to do more. So you donned the red and gold costume of yours and became the Flash. Fairly easy to figure out when you put your mind to it.

Cisco: Wow, someone is trying to pass himself off as the "World's Greatest Detective" here. Hey, I like that!

Batman: Shut up.

Cisco: Don't tell me...

Batman glares at him.

Cisco: Shutting up.

Caitlin: Can you teach me how to do that?

Barry: That the only reason you're here? To unmask me?

Batman: No. I want Freeze. Trail has gone cold so to speak and you're the only one who knows Snart. You know how he thinks and I can use that. We find him, we find Freeze, I'm out of your town.

Cisco: Fine with me.

Barry: Cisco! He's right though. I'm the only one who can help him.

Barry gets off the bed. His top half of half of his costume and his boots were removed so they could operate on him.

Batman: You do heal fast.

Barry: Told you. You want to find Snart, then?

Batman: Yes.

Barry: Then it looks like we're partners. All of us. Including my team.

Batman: I don't need them, only you.

Barry: Only way you'll have me is if you'll have them too. So no team, no Flash.

Batman: If it'll keep us from wasting time, then fine. They can help, but only if they do exactly what I say.

Wells: We'll do our best.

Batman: I only accept the best, Doctor Wells. Remember that.

Wells: I will.

Batman: Good. Since we're all friends now, I fear I may have to reveal something else about me.

Barry: What?

Batman: If we're going to find Snart and Freeze, then Batman and Flash will have to go under cover.

Barry: You mean?

Batman takes off his mask to reveal his face to everyone and every single person in the room is absolutely in shock by what they see.

Barry: Bruce Wayne?

Batman: Yes, Mr. Allen. Bruce Wayne is Batman. As I said it's pretty easy when you put your mind to it. As soon as Bruce Wayne arrived, so did Batman. Now get dressed. I have a change of clothes in my car.

Barry: You have a car?

Batman: Parked in the back.

Batman brings the STAR Lab crew and Detective West to see the Batmobile in person. It is huge to be sure. With four large tires in the front of the car and two in the back. Each on an individual axel. Large black fins to simulate bat wings on side to side and an exhaust engine in the back.

Cisco: That is one huge "Black Beauty"! That's what you should call it.

Batman: Actually I took to calling it the Batmobile, Cisco.

Cisco: Wow, that's much better than what I came up with. Not...not that I couldn't come up with anything better.

Batman: Stop being such a child, Cisco. Mr. Allen, get changed, now!

Barry: Sure.

With superhuman speed, Barry changes into a t-shirt, dark grey Cardigan, very skinny black jeans, and his pair of grey Converse high tops.

Barry: Ready.

Batman: That's cheating, Mr. Allen. It takes me longer.

Barry: Well, hurry up, then.

Batman actually smirks some what, then leaps in is car to change.

Joe: Barry, I don't think we should trust him.

Barry: We don't have a choice here, Joe. He's right about one thing.

Joe: What?

Barry: I know Snart and he knows Freeze. Mutual benefit that will put two criminals behind bars. Besides, he's willing to trust us with his identity, so I have to trust him with mine.

Joe: Except you didn't tell him, Barry, he deduced it. It might only be a matter of time before others do it. What if others figure out how to like Wayne did? It takes only a few mad brainiacs with a computer to figure out your identity.

Cisco: I have to agree with Joe, Barry. Plus I really don't like that guy.

Wells: Unfortunately for you then, Cisco, we will have to deal with Batman's attitude. All we can hope then is that he and Barry find Snart and Freeze soon.

Batman: Sooner the better, Doctor Wells.

He exits the Batmobile in a fine tailored suit that is black with white pinstripes, has a navy blue dress shirt, burgundy tie with a stripped pattern, and finally a black over coat that goes down to his knees. He then props the collar up, but he is also wearing fine Italian loafers. The foppish clothing is clearly to mask that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Cisco: Wow, now I know why no one figured out you're Batman. You not only are a spoiled rich kid, but you dress like one too.

Wells: That's enough, Cisco.

Bruce: There's nothing better than hiding in plane sight, Cisco. I may be a rich kid, but I am anything but spoiled. I'd like to see you risk your life out there all the time. People you never met, could care less about, never even knew they existed. Do what Mr. Allen and I do, then you have my permission to mock me.

Cisco: There's more to helping people than fighting and punching.

Bruce: Perhaps, but as you called me the World's Greatest Detective, there is more to me than "fighting and punching". So shall we be off, Mr. Allen, Detective West? I want to see your wonderful city for myself and get the run of the place. We can use your connections in the CCPD to find Snart, then Freeze.

Barry: That's a very good idea. Let's go, Joe.

Joe: Sure thing.

Bruce: Ciao.

Barry and Joe begin to depart.

Bruce: Oh and don't touch my car. It has several security measures.

Cisco: Like what? It'll explode?

Bruce: Like I said, several security measures.

So then, Bruce follows Joe and Barry to Joe's car.

Caitlin: It's kind of amazing how easily he sheds his Batman persona to be Bruce Wayne again.

Wells: Maybe Batman isn't the mask, Doctor Snow. What if it's Bruce Wayne himself?

Cisco: What do you mean, Doctor Wells?

Wells: A man like Batman. His attitude, mannerisms, and other less savory qualities. They all scream hatred, despair, vengeance. What could possibly have been done to him to put him on a path so dark, or any man for that matter?

So, Joe, Barry, and Bruce begin their ride towards the CCPD.

Joe: So, Wayne, want lunch? Coffee? My treat.

Bruce: No. We can't afford to lose time on filling our stomachs.

Joe: Fine, then, but I could actually use a coffee. These all nighters I've been having lately are killing me.

Bruce: Not a bad idea actually. I've been up the last five to six days myself without sleep.

Joe: Five to six days? How do you do that?

Bruce: I can't afford to sleep, Detective. Crime never sleeps and neither can I.

Barry: Wow, you take what you do very seriously, don't you? I'm actually very impressed.

Bruce: Thank you, Mr. Allen.

Barry: You know, Mr. Wayne, you can call me Barry.

Bruce: And you can call me Bruce, Barry. Are we not friends now?

Barry: I guess?

Bruce: Then we address each other by first name. As you and Detective West do and so do you and Mr. Queen, no doubt.

Barry: What do you mean?

Bruce: Your friendship with Mr. Queen, the former head of Queen Consolidated and former billionaire who masquerades as that green hooded vigilante, the Arrow.

Barry: How could you possibly know that?

Bruce: Cisco called me the World's Greatest Detective, Barry. I detect. Plus I know that he was in Central City last month. Just like you were in Starling a week later. Your first alliance was against the metahuman Roy Bivlo and second against Digger Harkness. Amanda Waller and her damned Suicide Squad.

Joe: With all your sleuthing, Wayne, do you ever have any down time?

Bruce: A luxury I cannot afford, Detective.

Joe: Joe. Call me Joe. After all, we're friends now, aren't we?

Bruce: Yes, I suppose so.

Barry: We're here.

They're at the coffee shop now, then they get out to go in. As they enter, many of its patrons recognize Bruce Wayne. People are even whispering and talking under their breath. They walk up to the counter.

Barista: What can I get you boys?

Barry: Cappuccino.

Joe: Same.

Bruce: Coffee. Black. Two sugars. All to go.

Barista: Sure.

She places the order.

Barry: To go? I thought I was fast.

Bruce: While we're here, we can think about Snart and Freeze. That booth there in the corner.

They walk over towards it to sit.

Barry: So what can you tell us about Freeze?

Bruce: Victor Fries was once very respected in the field of cryogenics.

Barry: I know. Some of his theories on using cryogenics to extend human life were brilliant. Slightly morbid, but brilliant. How'd he get the way he is now?

Bruce: He use to work for someone called Ferris Boyle.

Joe: Heard of him. Another billionaire and respected humanitarian.

Bruce: All a façade, Joe. Actually Boyle was secretly trying to weaponize Fries' research. I stopped him.

Barry: I heard about that. Good job.

Bruce: Thanks, but it wasn't enough.

Joe: What do you mean?

Bruce: Ferris was the one who caused the accident that turned Victor Fries into Mr. Freeze. You see Fries' wife, Nora contracted an ailment with no known cure. So she was put into cryogenic suspension to prolong her life until a cure was found. Except Fries was using company time and funding to do it.

Joe: I know where this is going.

Bruce: Right. Boyle found out, threatened to pull the plug, Victor fought back. The accident in his lab mutated his body. He can't survive outside a subzero environment.

Barry: That's why he wears that suit.

Bruce: Yes. Victor's a good man, but he's done terrible things just to help his ailing wife.

Barry: Even work with a madman like Snart.

Bruce: Exactly. However there must have been a mutual benefit to it. Snart obviously wanted his weapon to be enhanced.

Barry: Which we both saw. What would Fries want?

Bruce: Oh, no, how could I've been so stupid?!

Barry: What?

Bruce: Victor wants technology and medicine to help Nora. What is the one place in town that can do that?

Barry: STAR Labs! Dr. Wells! Cisco! Caitlin!

Bruce: Barry, you'll get there before any of us. Joe, contact your police force and have a swarm of cops surround the place.

Joe: I will. What about you?

Bruce: I'll summon the Batmobile and meet there as fast as I can. Go! Now!

Barista: Here's your coffee, boys.

Bruce: Wonderful, ma'am. We're in a hurry actually, so you're right on time.

They grab their coffee and quickly leave the coffee shop. Once Barry is out, he uses his super speed to raced over to STAR, while Joe heads back to the CCPD building. Bruce steps away to some place discreet to summon the Batmobile and so he can change. STAR Labs again.

Wells: I hope Barry, Joe, and Mr. Wayne are fairing well on their case.

Cisco: Hope he's not tearing Barry and Joe apart neither.

Caitlin: Guys, is it just me or did it get a whole lot cooler in here?

Cisco: You're right. I better check the thermostat.

Snart: You won't need to, kid. Look, Victor, it's my old friend Cisco. He built my first cold gun.

Freeze: This is the one who built the device? A prodigy to be sure.

Wells: What do you want?

Freeze: Doctor Harrison Wells, a scientist whose reputation is known even in Gotham City. An honor to be in your corner, doctor, but this is no social visit.

Wells: Then what do you want, Victor?

Freeze: STAR Labs is one of the most advanced facilities on Earth. It alone may have what I need to cure my beloved Nora.

Wells: Then let us help you, Victor. Put down your weapon and let's settle this like scientists.

Freeze: No! You are only attempt to stall for time. The Batman and Flash will not save you. I am here to take what I need and go! Do not move and there shall be no violence!

Snart: I'd listen to him, everyone. We don't need any unnecessary death, do we?

Cisco: Since when do you care about that, Captain Cold?

Snart: Cute name, kid, but just because you supplied me with a new name, does not mean I won't go easy on you.

Freeze: No, Snart. Simply keep them at arms length for now. I shall take what I need, then we shall leave. I already set up plans to smuggle myself back in Gotham.

Snart: As you wish, Victor. Shop until your heart's content.

So then Mr. Freeze digs deeper into the laboratory to find the right equipment he may need to fix Nora.

Freeze: This will all do nicely, but what is this?

Freeze goes deeper and he finds the Pipeline: a housing of all the metahuman criminals that the Flash has caught.

Freeze: So this is what has become of the criminals that the Flash has captured. Using the particle accelerator to store them and neutralize their abilities is a brilliant idea.

Mist: Let us out of here!

Freeze: No! I am not here to free you. All of you can rot in there for all I care. All I want is my Nora alive and well.

Back where Snart has Cisco and the others trapped, the Flash uses his incredible speed to get all three of them out of the way.

Flash: Snart!

Snart: There you are, Barry. My old friend.

Flash: We're not friends.

Snart: Oh, perhaps. Yet where's your new friend, the Batman?

Batman: Right here.

Snart turns around to see Batman right behind him, who then takes out Snart quite effortlessly. Then Batman bends down to place handcuffs around Snart's wrists.

Batman: I got Snart, Flash. Go get Freeze.

Flash: Right.

Batman: Just watch out for his gun and while he is in his suit, he may be slower, but he is a hell of a lot stronger.

Flash: Note taken.

Flash races around the building to find Freeze and he does so in the Pipeline.

Flash: Freeze! Doctor Fries, stop!

Freeze aims his gun at Flash then shoots, but like a bolt of lightning, Flash dodges every single hit from the gun. Then he manages to get to Freeze fast enough to take his gun.

Freeze: Do not interfere, Flash! Do not make me do something regrettable.

Flash: Like what?

Freeze: I saw all of those rogue metahumans back there. I will release them.

Flash: Doctor Fries, don't! Batman told me everything about you! You're not bad like Snart. You're good.

Freeze: Once I was, but now there is nothing but cold and unending hatred that lives within me now, Flash.

Flash: I don't believe that. You want to find a cure for your wife. I can help.

Freeze: What can you possibly do to help?

Flash removes his mask to show Freeze who he is.

Flash: My name is Barry Allen, Doctor Fries. I'm a forensic scientist and a physicist. I may or may not be as smart as you, but I have the capability of helping Nora.

Freeze: Why would you do such a thing, Mr. Allen?

Flash: Because I lost my mom. Not to an incurable disease, but to someone. That's why I help people, Victor. My mom always told me to help those in need and I want to solve her murder and find her killer. I can and will help you in any way possible. Just surrender and allow me to take you in. I can provide you all the equipment you need to save Nora. Please.

Freeze: You show sympathy for me, Flash. Very few have ever done such a thing. My beloved Nora was the first, Batman second, and you third. Very well, Flash, arrest me and send me back to Gotham.

Cisco and the others come back in to see Snart is captured, but they soon see Mr. Freeze and Batman attempts to defend them. However the Flash has come with him too, who has his mask back on.

Flash: No need for that. He's surrendering on his own accord.

Batman: Why?

Flash: Like you said. He is a good man that needed help. I personally promised to help him find a cure for his wife. In fact I know we all can if we work together.

Batman: You did well, Flash.

Wells: Very well. I'm proud of you.

Flash: Thanks, Doctor Wells.

Batman: I'll call Captain Gordon in the GCPD. He and I have a mutual understanding.

Flash: Okay then.

So time passes and from a distance, Flash and Batman see Mr. Freeze and Snart being arrested. Gordon is there too actually and he manages to spot Batman in the shadows. Gordon nods at him, then gets in the squad car to leave.

Flash: So we worked pretty well together, right?

Batman: It wasn't totally painful.

Flash: So about STAR, why did you really want to buy it?

Batman: Saw through my boyish charm, did you?

Flash: Heh. Heh. Yeah.

Batman: Very well. I wanted the particle accelerator, Flash. As you told me about Freeze surrendering, he planned to release all of your captured prisoners. I had a similar idea in mind.

Flash: You wanted the accelerator to contain other metahumans?

Batman: Yes. Besides you and your Rogues, there are metahumans popping up all over the country. An alleged alien in Metropolis who has many extraordinary powers. Then of course there is a woman claiming to be an Amazon who works for the United States Government. Also of course I know about your friendship with Doctor Stein and Mr. Ronald Raymond, or as you call them Firestorm.

Flash: You want to contain them should they ever present a danger to anyone.

Batman: Yes.

Flash: What about me? I almost went bad thanks to Bivlo. If it weren't for Oliver...

Batman: Don't try to defend yourself, Barry. There is no need. Working with you, I'd trust you with my life.

Flash: Thanks. So, back to Gotham City?

Batman: In time. First I intend to take you to dinner. Prove to you and your friend Cisco that I am not a complete horse's ass.

Flash: I could eat.

Batman: Good. There's a restaurant in town that my butler highly recommended.

Flash: Let's go, then.

Batman: After you.

Batman and Flash's new friendship is now cemented. As Batman and Flash do go to their dinner, Doctor Wells is in his secret chamber. He sees another news clipping from the future. It shows Batman and Flash together again, but this time with other heroes. Together they are part of a team called the JUSTICE LEAGUE.



  • Barry Allen/Flash
  • Joe West
  • Cisco Ramon
  • Caitlin Snow
  • Doctor Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash
  • Eddie Thawne
  • Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Alfred Pennyworth


  • The street of Conroy and Bale is an homage to Kevin Conroy and Christian Bale. Both are actors who have played Batman.
  • Mr. Freeze's origins is the same as his origin in the Batman the Animated Series episode Heart of Ice and the Batman Arkham Origins Cold, Cold Heart DLC level.
  • Batman makes reference to Superman and Wonder Woman.
  • Leonard Snart and the STAR Labs team all thought that Batman was merely an urban myth before his first appearance in Central City.
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