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"I was born at Haley's Circus, raised there-but now I'm ready to move on. I'm ready to work under your shadow." -Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson
General Information
Real name: Dick Grayson
Aliases: Robin (The Caped Crusader 2)

The Flying Grayson Grayson

Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Bruce Wayne (Adopted Father)
Characteristics: Gender - Male
Portrayed by: Nick Robinson
Appearances: The Caped Crusader

Dick Grayson was the son of the Flying Graysons, a group of acrobats that performed for Haley's Circus before getting shot by mob boss Tony Zucco.

As Batman witnessed the events at Haley's Circus, he took him in and adopted him, even gave him shelter at Wayne Manor. While Batman was away, Alfred would look after Grayson.



  • "We were the flying Graysons..."
  • "You're an okay dad, Mr. Wayne."
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