Gotham is a live-action television series based on the character of the DC Comics; Batman and other citizens of the fictional city of Gotham. The series takes place in Bruce Wayne's second year as the dark knight at the age of twenty-one as he struggles with the death of both his parents and his relationship between his friends aswell as his enemies. The series started airing on August 1, 2013. Each episode contains a time slot of 65 minutes. The creators of the series have announced that with the popular views, the series could go on for as long as ten seasons.

Season One: (2013-14)Edit

No. Title Antagonist(s) Synopsis Original air date
1 Pilot Joe Chill, Black Mask Bruce has flashbacks of the death of his parents and how he became the Batman whiles taking on Black Mask. August 1, 2013
2 Riches Catwoman Bruce develops a relationship with Selina Kyle who is actually the Catwoman trying to steal a ruby jewel. August 15, 2013
3 Calender Calender Man The Calender Man sets a series of dates on which he will kill certin people including Bruce so Batman sets a trap. August 29, 2013
4 Feast Man-Bat Bruce's inspiration, Doctor Robert Langstrom develops a formula which transforms him into the Man-Bat. September 12, 2013
5 Target Deadshot Bruce saves the mayor from the assassin, Deadahot who then sets the Batman as his next target. September 26, 2013
6 Breakout Black Mask A special ops team break out Black Mask from Arkham and Batman steps in to take him back. October 10, 2013
7 Dent Mad Hatter Bruce's old school friend Harvey Dent arrives in Gotham to run for the mayor but the Mad Hatter is out to stop him. October 24, 2013
8 Secrets Deadshot, Catwoman Batman and Catwoman both try to figure out each others identities and get caught in a trap set by Deadshot. November 7, 2013
9 Families Penguin Bruce and Oswald Cobbelpott both attend and Oswald who is actually the Penguin takes control. November 21, 2013
10 Homecoming Terrible Trio The Homecoming game is coming up and a group of mutants called the Terrible Trio plan a revenge. February 6, 2014
11 Sins Lew Moxon Bruce finds his father's diary and reads it only to find out his father's secrets and the truth of who killed his parents. February 20, 2014
12 Terrors Penguin, Man-Bat The Penguin develops a device to control birds and plans to use the device to try to control Man-Bat. March 6, 2014
13 Agendas Dr. Simon Hurt Dr. Hurt joins in aiding Bruce's charity funding and tries to covince him to join the circle of the Demon. March 20, 2014

Season Two: (2014-15)Edit

No. Title Antagonist(s) Synopsis Original air date
1 Swamp Killer Croc Bruce faces a new mutant threat when former wrestler Killer Croc plans to flood the city using the sewers. August 7, 2014
2 Falcone Carmine Falcone Bruce takes on a new crime boss transporting drugs to Gotham's docks named Carmine Falcone. August 21, 2014
3 Breach Catwoman Catwoman breaks into a high security vault and is captured so Batman steps in to break her out. September 4, 2014
4 Hex Spellbinder Bruce must stop the Spellbinder from controlling people with out falling under his control himself. September 18, 2014
5 Disorder Deadshot Deadshot allows himself to get arrested to kill the commissioner so Batman rushes to save him. October 2, 2014
6 Zeus Maxie Zeus Maxie Zeus who wants to buy Wayne enterprises organises attacks to make Bruce sell over the Company. October 16, 2014
7 Grounds Penguin, Black Mask Penguin's gangs take over half of Gotham so Batman set him and Black Mask against each other. October 30, 2014
8 Revenge Terrible Trio The Terrible Trio resurface and Batman tries to stop from mutating all of mutating all of Gotham to be like them. November 13, 2014
9 Tales Catwoman Catwoman breaks into a museum and steals and object that teleports her and Batman to another dimension. November 27, 2014
10 Grey Francis Grey Batman faces Francis Grey who robs banks and turns back time but stop when his wife gets shot. February 5, 2015
11 Hostage Killer Croc Killer Croc kidnaps a bunch of hostages and wants payment so Batman and Dent race to find them. February 19, 2015
12 Faces Carmine Falcone Batman and Harvey Dent blackmail and capture Falcone who then kills Harvey's wife. March 5, 2015
13 Nightmares Two-Face, Carmine Falcone Falcone causes Dent's transformation into Two-Face who then goes out to get revenge on him. March 19, 2015

Season Three: (2015-16)Edit

No. Title Antagonist(s) Synopsis Original air date
1 Red
2 Heist
3 KGBeast KGBeast
4 Danger
5 Imperfect
6 Kneel
7 Rags
8 Pain
9 Wild Cards
10 Temblor
11 Cats
12 Rogue
13 Alliance


This series is being writern by the writers of Smallville (2001 TV Series) and The Batman (2005 TV Series) aswell as produced by the producer of Ultimate Spider-Man (2012 TV Series) and Ben 10: Omniverse (2012 TV Series). This is all bullshit don't believe it.

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