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Hyde Rosewelle
General Information
Real name: Hyde J. Rosewelle
Aliases: Warden Rosewelle
Alignment: Neutral (aligned with Black Mask)
Affiliation: Steven Rosewelle
Characteristics: Gender - Male

Hair - Dark

Portrayed by: N/A
Appearances: Shadows

Hyde Rosewelle was the former owner of Rossewelle Isolation and is a major antagonist in Shadows.


Hyde is the son of Steven Rosewelle, the founder of Rosewelle Isolation. On his death bed, Steven passed the wardenship of the prison to his son, an action in which Hyde accepted. The day Hyde became the owner, his natural sociopathic outline, insanity, and power polluted the prison with corruption, making it a practical slaughter house for criminals to go to. When Major Reamington disapproved Hyde's illegal execution and prison management, he attempted to report him. In a desperate attempt to keep his power, Hyde became a usual corrupt dealer of Black Mask, along with Commissioner Loeb and Judge Rais, developing a "friendship" between the four. With his secret alliance to Black Mask, Hyde ordered Reamington to be executed, extending the life of his "prison".

Personality and traitsEdit

Hyde is an utter sadist who loves nothing more than seeing the brutal execution of prisoners, to he which refers to as lab rats. He has a superior complex, meaning he truly believes he is better than everyone else, and is an outright sociopath, meaning he's mentally incapable of feeling any true emotions. He can, however, copy emotions and use this to express friendship.


  • He, like most antagonists in Shadows, is an original character thought up by Fireworks888.
  • His first name, Hyde, is a reference to famous novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde, the evil side of Jekyll, has a relateable personality to Rosewelle, as they are both evil sociopaths with no regard for any human life whatsoever.
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