James Gordon
James Gordon
Real name: James Worthington "Jim" Gordon
Gender: Male
First Appearance: Detective Comics #27
Batman: Secret Origin

Created by:

Bill Finger
Bob Kane


Gotham City Police Department


Master detective
Ezpert in hand-to-hand combat
Expert criminologist

Portrayed by:

Gary Oldman

James Gordon is the comissioner of the Gotham City Police Department and one of Batman's most important allies. He also one of the few honest cops in the force. Gordon shares Batman's deep commitment to justice, and although he is somewhat skeptical of his vigilante methods, he recognizes the necessity of Batman and the two share a mutual respect. Also, Gordon is the loving father of Barbara Gordon, who is also the heroine Batgirl.

Gordon was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. Officially, Gordon first appeared in Detective Comics #27, but his first appearance in Leader Vladimir's fan fiction continuity was in Batman: Secret Origin.

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