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"You're an example standing today of why the city is running in filth and scum. You killed Thomas and Martha Wayne- and for that, you get the rest of your life behind bars."           -James Gordon to Joe Chill

Joe Chill
Joe Chill
General Information
Real name: Joe Chill
Aliases: Murderer of the Wayne Family

Murdering Psychopath Joe Chill

Alignment: Bad
Affiliation: Unknown
Characteristics: Gender - Male

Hair Color - Blonde

Portrayed by: Charlie Hunnam
Appearances: The Caped Crusader

Being the killer of Bruce Wayne's parents, he was locked up in Blackgate Prison. Twenty days later, he was taken for interrogation by Commissioner James Gordon and Harvey Bullock as to see why he killed the parents. After an hour or two spent in the questioning room and with no answers, the two GCPD men left and he went back to his cell.

It was later explained Joe Chill suffered from a mental injury because of abuse as a young child after research from Dr. Young, a scientist who works at the other mental institute, Arkham Asylum.



  • "I want my lawyer!"
  • "Lunch time? I'm starving."
  • "Give me my gun."
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