This is the first episode of a new series entitled Nightwing. (not to be confused with other series with similar titles based on the same character, Dick Grayson. Robin, turned Nightwing, turned Batman.) How did the dynamic duo split. Why did Robin ever leave Batman to form the Teen Titans. Some say it is because Batman treated Robin like a sidekick instead of a partner. Others say its because Batman still treated Robin as a kid although he grew older. Others say its because Robin wanted to step out of the Bats' shadow. Still others say its because he wanted to see if he could become a leader and lead his team to victory, which he eventually did against Trigon and Slade among others. After a spending three years as leader of the Titans, he decided to leave.

Inside Titans Tower

"Cyborg, when we started this group, it was to prove that us teenage heros were more than just mere side kicks. That was three years ago, when we were actually still teens. We're are adults now, I'm 18 and your 20. Sure we recruited great members such as Static Shock, Aqualad, Speedy, and others, but its time to move on. I decided to go with a name change. From the Teen Titans to Titans Unlimited, and I relinquish leadership duties to you my friend. I keep my communnicator, and even though I'm no longer a member of this team, I will always be an ally. With that said, you can always call on me in case your ever in need of assisstance. With that, I bear due my friends, so long." said Robin, who by then had just jumped out of the windows.

Beast Boy had walked in right as Robin jumped out.

"What just happened? Where's Robin going?" Beast Boy asked.

"Robin is gone, for good. There are no more Teen Titans. Pack up your things B, we're out." said Cyborg, dissapointed.

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