Dance to my flames or fry like a moth! Hahahahah! - Robert taunting Batman.

Robert Dane is one of the main antagonists of Lego Batman 3


Robert takes the appearance of a German Bomber with sunglasses and a trident designed to look like its on fire.


In the game, he can throw bombs at the player / enemies and use his trident to strike a lightning bolt at the player. In his boss fight, he varys more attacks such as shooting the player with a gun, throwing brainwashed police at you and breaking the fourth wall by pulling a bed out of the camera.

In the gameEdit

In the game, he isn't shown until the fight with The Joker where he assists him by giving The Joker bombs to throw at the player. He also appears as the rider of Squidbot 1.0 and Squidbot 2.0. He isn't fought directly until the end of level 16. After defeating him, he appears as a character who the player can pick in Free Play levels. This part is canceled in level 23 where he appears in the fight with Harley Quinn where he assists her by giving her his trident.

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