Pieter Drake (A.K.A Strider) was a Austrian adversary of Batman and later on became the main adversary of Superman. 

Back storyEdit

(Sorry if this story is crap) Pieter was born in Austria on November 12th, 1963. When he was 8, his family was running very low to money so, his family turned into a family full of criminals. When he was 16, he was confronted by a rival gang which Pieter's family had wars with for 4 years. After Pieter had killed the gang, his brother congratulated him for making the right choice and bringing an end to his enemy. After his brother was arrested during a robbery on a museum and most of his family members were killed due to the constant gang wars in his city, he made it his mission to eliminate all of the gangs throughout the city and to become the most feared criminal in the country. After a raid on a prison, he freed his brother and they both went of massive heists for 12 years. During a a robbery of a Jewelry Store, his brother was killed by a Army Squad while drilling a safe. His uncle was killed while on a heist for weaponry and high tech military property.

Pieter was now alone. After 6 years of causing chaos and going of multiple heists, he nicknamed himself "The most feared criminal of Austria". After the course of 3 months, he is the most wanted criminal in Austria with the bounty on him being $2,000. After a few more years of being most wanted, he disappeared without a trace. After 2 years, he secretly escaped Austria and left for Gotham City.

When he was found by the Joker, he made Pieter his side kick to cause for havoc on the city of Gotham.


Pieter wears a morph mask with a white face mask painted red, a Cloak, black jeans, black combat boots, one fingerless glove, armbands with the pentagram, and a white cowboy hat. His weapons are a sword, a FAMAS, duel Gold Colt M1911's, and a Browning Auto 5.

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