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The soundtrack to The Caped Crusader was created by Cartoon44 and composed by several different music artists. It will be released on the day of the movie's release. (Most of the music titles are false and are created for part of the movie. All credits belong to their respected owners)

Track Listing[edit | edit source]

# Title Length Key Scenes/Notes
1 "Vengeance" 4:18 This is played whenever Batman is in an intense battle with his enemies, like in Asia when he battled the ninjas as part of his training. This was composed by Immediate Music.
2 "Becoming a Legend" 3:37 This is played in the scene of Batman's training in Asia with "Master Kirigi ". This was composed by John Dreamer.
3 "Birth of the Batman" 2:12 This is played when Batman's costume finally is worn, thus Batman being born. This is composed by Future World Music.
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