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Script from the film, The Caped Crusader created by Cartoon44.

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T h e  C a p e d  C r u s a d e r



Story By


Batman Created by Bob Kane


T  H  E    C  A  P  E  D     C  R  U  S  A  D  E  R

Darkness. We hear a sound of metal doors opening up, like in a PRISON. Hundreds of INMATES of BLACKGATE prison are heard.




A MAN in a Prison Jacket walks out, HANDCUFFED. This is JOE CHILL. Two Policemen are walking by his side, passing the inmates YELLING out to their fellow prisoner. The man has his back to us as well as the Police. His face turns to the officer on the right, Harvey Bullock, getting ready to speak. The left prisoner is James Gordon.

Joe Chill: Lunch time? I'm starving.

Harvey Bullock: This ain't lunch, you murdering psychopath- this is interrogation.



We see a small GREY room with a little table and one chair on one side, two chairs on the other. Joe Chill gets thrown into the table. Weakly, he falls to the ground and gets up on his single chair. James Gordon and Harvey Bullock sit down on their chairs.

James Gordon: You probably know why you're here, I assume?

Joe Chill: I didn't do any murder, I swear-I'm clean!

Harvey Bullock: He didn't say anything about murder, 'LOOSE LIPS'.

Joe Chill: Okay but I-

James Gordon: We know you killed the Martha and Thomas Wayne. But-

James Gordon pauses and breathes out, as if preparing to say his next sentence.

James Gordon: Why?

Joe Chill: Where's my attorney?!

Harvey Bullock: Answer him, Chill. Do it!


James Gordon: Oh, there's one more thing that I need you to answer.

Joe Chill: Yeah? What's that?

James Gordon: Bruce Wayne. Don't you think it's a bit odd he disappeared just a month before you got sent here?

Joe Chill: I didn't have nothing to do with him.

Harvey Bullock: What'll make us believe that crap?

Joe Chill: I only had two bullets.

Harvey Bullock: And a whole lot of damn nerve. 'Outta open Arkham again to keep crazies like you intact.

Joe Chill: I'm not a madman... I was desperate.

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