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"Your father may have been a billionaire, Bruce, but to Gotham City-he was the leader of an enterprise that would change the world. Now you are." -Alfred to Bruce Wayne

Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne
General Information
Real name: Thomas Wayne
Aliases: Owner of Wayne Enterprises

Father of Bruce Wayne

Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Martha Wayne (Wife)

Bruce Wayne (Son)

Characteristics: Gender - Male

Hair - Brown

Portrayed by: Eion Bailey
Appearances: The Caped Crusader

Thomas Wayne was killed by Joe Chill with his wife, Martha Wayne all in front of their son, Bruce Wayne in Crime Alley. There, Bruce promised vengeance upon them thus on his first step to becoming Batman. Thomas was the owner of Wayne Enterprises and told the co-owners that when Bruce was old enough, he would take over the buisness as the new owner.



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  • "Don't do this. Please."
  • "Drop the gun..."
  • "Keep up Bruce!"
  • "We'll take this alleyway to avoid the rain."
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